Islamic Pedagogy on Human Resource Management based on Islamic References

  • Uzair Abbazi Gift University Pakistan
  • Ince Ahmad Zarqan President University Indonesia
Keywords: Islamic Deposit Insurance System; Financial Stability; Nigeria; Malaysia


In the Islamic perspective, spiritual and material progress are integrated. Islam also
integrates individual and collective development. It is aiming to develop whole
aspects simultaneously. No aspect of the human being is allowed to develop unduly
or at the cost of others. It integrates its regulations of fair (Ad’l) and spiritual morality
(Ihsaan and Taqwa). The principles of Islamic religion in term of human resource
management are able to prove to be useful in dealing with the problems in an efficient
ways which stem primarily from the HRM related challenges faced by the institutions
or organizations. Application of Islamic HRM principles is able to help in solving
crisis in training, leadership, essential professional skills, knowledge and attitudes
required for productive careers and useful role in society. This paper will introduce a
special issue on Islam and human resource management (HRM).
Design/methodology/approach, The paper introduces a further current
understanding of the relation between Islam and HRM based on the facts of history.
The paper will also try to identify the key features of an Islamic HRM model that is
substantially distinctive from existing models of HRM.


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